At the fourth floor of the Novecento Museum in Milan, in the area dedicated to the XXth century Archives , I visited the exhibition of works from Milanese collections , dedicated to two artistic movements born in the first decades of the century: Dadaism and Futurism.
Called “DADA&FUTURISMO”, the exhibition shows the influence that Futurism had on Dadaism and the way the first maintained the link with past art, specially with impressionism, while the second invented new forms free of the classic realism
An important part of the exhibition is dedicated to books and journals.
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s Ink on paper from 1916 “Guido Guidi”

Three studies of Giacomo Balla

A wonderful futurist work of Man Ray “Vibration”

And some interesting works of Marcel Duchamp, among them the wonderful “Boite en valise”