This year, for the eleventh time, the Hall of the Royal Post Office across the Uffizi Gallery hosts the new edition of the series “I mai visti” with works from the Uffizi’s Repository and normally not exposed to the public. This year the exhibition entitled “Volti svelati”(The unveiled faces) is dedicated to portraits mainly in marble from the roman period.
Some of the most interesting are the Portrait of the so called Probo emepror with his stern gaze, wearing an armor with Minerva’s symbol or the “Intelcttual” Portrait, with his hypnotic glaze and long hair.
The female portraits are characterized by elaborated hairstyles, as in Faustina, Antonino Pio’s wife, made of hair wavy and flat on the sides of the head ending in two braids or that of Domizia, Domiziano’s wife, high curls in the form called “nido d’ape”