In Viareggio till November, a special opportunity to visit the exhibition Odoardo Borrani’s works , a successful production by  the Matteucci Center for Modern Art.
The idea of the exhibition starts the discovery of some previously unpublished or unexposed for many years paintings and aims to analyze the whole creative excursus from the very beginning under the Macchiaioli influence and when Borrani, then following the example of Silvestro Lega and Giuseppe Abbati, joined the group of Piagentina circle.
And this particular moment of creation are linked some of his more significant paintings as the masterpiece “Arno at Varlungo” or the “Fisherman on Arno at Casaccia” (1871).

Since 1867 he is among the guests of Diego Martelli at Castiglioncello.
It’s the period that he paints ” Caro rosso a Castiglioncello”, a typical example of painting outdoors.

In addition to painting outdoors Borrani also describes domestic scene as the full of atmosphere “The Illiterate” (1869)
and portraits: the beautiful “Portrait of a Young Man” (1865-66)
or the “Portrait of a child standing” rich of details , such as the beautiful lace on the armchair.