Saturday afternoon, Via Maggio, the street of antique shops of Florence is celebrating the opening of the International Antiques Exhibition in Florence.
I stop, as always enchanted, in front of Bianca Cappello Palace, with its depicted facade .

It was built at the request of Francesco I de ‘Medici for his mistress Bianca Cappello, on an old building from the early fifteenth century. The architect was Bernardo Buontalenti, of which the palace is the first documented work. The famous facade was decorated with grotesque only later , by the hand of Bernardino Poccetti.

This afternoon, a few special openings, and I’m going to that in THETYS Gallery. The gallery deals in photography, and there’s a group exhibition of Italian photographers.
All interesting and original. I’ll remember only three of them

Carlo Gianferro; a colorful snap from Gipsy Interiors, collection of portraits made between the gypsy communities in Moldova and Romania.

Fabio Zonta, a particular way to see the things that change and particulars that aggregate and disintegrate.

Marco Paoli, from the project “Ballads”, images obtained through the procedure of overlapping of photographic and pictorial images.